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“Because we’re the best…seriously!”

“We LOVE training and we’re really good at what we do.”

First, we’ve been there and can relate with you.

Second, we are constantly growing and changing to meet the ever-changing needs and demands of learning professionals. Not only do we train trainers to be better at designing and delivering training, we offer train the trainer workshops and coaching on managing and coordinating the training function as well as performance consulting. We were one of the first to offer train the trainer certifications for the serious learning professional.

Third, we offer state of the art consulting services to better serve your ever- changing (and often hair-pulling) organizational performance needs! Here’s a highlight of each of these services:

• Facilitation – Let us be your adjunct facilitators for meetings or projects upon which you are embarking.

• Instructional Design – Need help designing something from scratch? Coaching on how to design? Review and feedback on already designed materials? No problem! We will customize a package that is right for you.

• Performance Consulting –Each organization has its yearly goals. One thing often overlooked is those goals are reached by people performing. If employees are not performing THAT’s when we need to step in and identify what’s getting in the way and address it. And yes, the answer is NOT always a training program!

Fourth, choose us for our amazingly talented instructors!

Fifth, we’re flexible. We can provide our courses and certificate programs at your site as an in-house corporate training, virtually or as a public class at major locations in India.

Last but not least, you’ll love working with us. Although we have expanded our offerings and services over the years, one thing has remained steadfast: our belief in working in partnership with you!


Workshop Outline
• Understanding Self-Esteem
• Positive Self-Talk
• Dealing with Stress
• Life Lines
• Healthy Coping Strategies: Decision Making
• Stress Management Techniques
• Self-Care Basics
• Balanced Self-Care
• Making Plans and Setting Goals
• Self-Care Strategies
• Balanced Self Care
• Long Term Goals

Our Life Skills Workshops are a primary way that we deliver timely and useful services to current clients of our Center. These educational experiences help participants learn coping skills for managing stress, negative moods, and relationships. All workshops are held at the Center.

More Information about the Life Skills Workshops

Each workshop lasts for approximately one hour. We currently have five workshops:
• Mind over Mood: This workshop will help participants better understand the relationship between thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. In addition, participants will be able to identify common problematic thought patterns, as well as learn concepts and skills to modify the thought patterns that cause negative moods and anxiety.
• Managing Stress: This workshop will help participants develop a better understanding of stress and the various ways it influences your mind, body, and behaviors. In addition, participants will discuss specific strategies for managing stress, as well as identify and practice mind-body techniques that are helpful in dealing with stress and anxiety.
• Time Management & Procrastination: This workshop will help participants to identify the importance of effective time management skills, as well as common obstacles to good time management. Participants will develop a deeper understanding of some of the common factors contributing to procrastination, as well as identify specific ways to manage their time more effectively.
• Introduction to Mindfulness: Mindfulness can be defined as moment to moment awareness and a process by which one develops new kinds of control and wisdom in our lives, based on our inner capacities for relaxation, paying attention, awareness, and insight. Participants will be introduced to and develop a greater understanding of mindfulness and various ways it can be beneficial. In addition, participants will identify and practice formal and informal mindfulness strategies.
• Better Sleep: This workshop will help participants develop a better understanding of the importance of good sleep. In addition, participants will be able to identify behaviors that interfere with sleep, as well as skills to improve one’s sleep.

A child spends approximately 45% of his day at school and performing school activities where he engages with individuals and acquires knowledge and skills that are vital to his overall development. Life Skills Development must be a part of every school curriculum as we find that more and more students today are entering the workforce with limited skills to adapt to their new environment. Today’s students need to be equipped with these ‘soft skills’ that help them deal with situations and individuals in a more efficient manner. We provide interactive workshops that make learning these key skills fun, informative and engaging, and help young adults develop transferable skills that are essential for their career and practical job seeking skills –

1. Enhancing Self Esteem
2. Communication Skills
3. Enhancing Memory and Concentration
4. Stress Management
5. Handling Exam Anxiety
6. Study Skills
7. Team Building Skills
8. Interpersonal Skills
9. Job Seeking Skills – CV’s, Group Discussions and Interviews.