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Companies are recognizing that our work culture is incredibly damaging to employees’ mental health. Now they need to fix it for real—not just plaster over it with gimmicks.
Educate managers
Just like any workplace issue, the first step in addressing mental health is education. Providing managers with information and resources helps they better recognize signs and symptoms of varying conditions and diseases.
Laurie Brednich, CEO of HR Company Store, LLC in Phoenix, held training classes to teach managers how to identify and appropriately support employees with mental health issues.
Sit down with management and discuss their major concerns about addressing mental health issues with employees. Based on this feedback, schedule training and offer continual support to help managers feel comfortable recognizing and dealing with employee situations.
Offering tele health not only provides more options regarding mental health treatment, but also limits the uncomfortable explanations employees must give management about their absence.
Offer Counselling – online and/or offline – to everyone on your team. Take it a step further by setting aside a half hour each day for employees to take care of their overall wellness.
Unfortunately, many mental health problems stem from stress. By creating safe spaces where employees can go on a daily basis to relax and decompress, employers can proactively avoid more serious issues.
Create a safe and quiet place for employees to take a moment out of their day — whenever they find it necessary. This can be a small office area or even a beautiful garden outside.
Fun team challenges are another way to increase teamwork while also bringing excitement to health and well-being.
When employees see company leaders taking ownership and charge of their mental health, they’ll be more likely to open up about their own issues.
Encourage leaders to open up about their own mental health challenges. Use these experiences and lessons to help decide what services, techniques and benefits the company can offer to help employees face their own mental health issues.